Ushers are proud to be your local award winning Estate agent, specialising in both Lettings & Sales.

We believe our Lettings packages are the most comprehensive and most competitive in the area.

Unlike most competitors, we do not have an additional page of add on fees, in addition to the standard quoted fees, which bumps up the total fee you pay significantly. At Ushers the fee we advertise is the fee you pay!

This is part of the reason we have regularly won the Best Lettings Agent in our area. For example if you look at other Agents websites locally many charge extra fees in addition to the base fee for things like a tenancy set up fee, fee for tenancy agreement, deposit administration fee, guarantor reference, end of contract fee etc.

Let us save you £££ with our special offer and see the difference with Ushers! Our 3 packages are:-


  1. Tenant Introduction – special offer 7.25%+vat (8.7% including vat)
  • We present your property better than most agent including professionally edited photos at no extra cost. Many agents take barely 4 photos. We can take up to 30 professional photos
  • We advertise your property on the TOP 3 property websites – Rightmove, Zoopla & Primelocation. Many agents only advertise on 1 property website, so benefit from MORE exposure with Ushers
  • We include a very comprehensive 14 page tenancy agreement. We hear some agents use off the shelf agreements that might only be 3-5 pages long. Our Landlords agree that they want everything covered so don’t compromise elsewhere, get a more comprehensive agreement with Ushers!
  • We are the ONLY High Street Lettings Agent NOT to charge ongoing & never ending renewal fees. Many of our Landlords were paying renewal fees for 5+ years before hearing about Ushers. We only charge for year 1 then year 2 renewal. After that there is no further commission charge thus saving you ££££ Vs other Lettings Agents
  • We do not charge a “check in fee” or any other add on fees which many Agents force upon Landlords. Bearing in mind you are managing the property under this service, why should you be forced to pay unnecessary fees when you have to do the actually condition report yourself. This can push your “total” fee upby circa 30%........
  • We take a larger security deposit than most of our competitors, which by law has to go into the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. Our landlords agree that by doing this, the tenant is more likely to look after the property Vs other Agents taking less.
  • We build in a longer 2 month notice period to our tenancy agreement Vs other agents normally having just 1 month. This means that if a tenant gives notice, we have time to find you another tenant to move in straight after the current tenant moves out, thus avoiding any lengthy
    vacant period. Why settle for less elsewhere?
  • We are the ONLY Agent to have a meeting in our office to run through the tenancy agreement with the tenants. Landlords regular tell us that other agents just post out the agreements. We have had a number of Landlords have their fingers burnt when using a previous agent. A tenant gets a friend to sign their name on the tenancy agreement. The signatures are not checked by the Agent and if the tenant has not paid the rent or trashed the property, the Landlord takes the matter to court and loses by default, due to the agreement never being valid.


  1. Rent collection service – special offer 9.25%+vat (11.1% including vat)

    We provide all of the above but in addition collect the rent for you each month. So you manage the property but we can collect the rent.

  1. Full Management service – special offer 11.25%+vat (13.5% including vat)
  • WARNING! Most of our competitors quote a “base management fee” then give you another page of the add on fees to make their service up to the level we offer.

    So make sure when you compare services & fees you ask for the “TOTAL fees/ costs” from the Lettings agent to manage your property, including any set up fee, tenancy agreement arrangement fee, referencing fees,

    At Ushers, we include those options at no extra cost within our fantastic management fee.
  • We include all of the tenant introduction service then in addition at no extra cost we:-
  • Check the tenants into the property for you with the keys
  • Inform the utility providers and council of the tenant moving in and pass on meter readings
  • Pay the tenants deposit into the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Collect the rent on a monthly basis and then pass this efficiently onto you
  • Carry out a property inspections every 6 months to make sure all is ok, emailing you to update.
  • Arrange for emergency works to be carried out, if you do not want to do this. We don’t ask to hold a chunk of your money so can just deduct the money from the next months rent (unless it is a large job of £300 or more where we would just ask you to transfer the money to us in advance of, for example, ordering a new appliance). We also don’t add a sizeable amount of commission onto jobs as other agents do. What you see on the invoice from the tradesman is what you pay. We have heard of horror stories with Landlords paying almost double for jobs as commissions are added by the agent……
  • Serve the section 21 notice for you if you want possession back down the line
  • Handle the transfer of the tenants deposit back from the Tenancy Deposit Scheme
  • Inform the utility providers of change of address + final meter readings at the end of the tenancy

So as you can see, we have one fee that includes all of the above. Why pay much more elsewhere when Ushers can save you £££…..!

As with all agents, we can help you if you wish to obtain a quote from an inventory clerk service upon request, although many landlords do the check in inventory themselves

Likewise if a Landlord wants rent guarantee and legal expenses, we can also obtain a quote for you upon request.

Please take a look at our 360+ x 5 star google reviews for peace of mind &
see why Ushers Estate Agents is the right choice for you.

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